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Just a quick hello from us. We are Kät and Antoine, a Frenchie and Estonian living in London. We have background in graphic design and textiles. Well, Antoine mainly works as a freelance UX/UI designer, but on his free time he likes to illustrate and make videos. Kät works in many projects and is a co-founder of a design store/platform called NID. Miskes will be more for rediscovering materials/techniques and creating minimal and practical clothing, homeware, art and decor.

What does miskes mean?

Miskes comes from two Estonian words:
Mis = What
Kes = Who

We came up with this name, as we believe that it is important to be transparent and share information about the makers and materials we use. And the name itself just kinda sounds nice!

What do we like?

- geometrical forms
- minimal design
- pastel colors
- good quality natural materials
- functionality